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Diru Graphics
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Diru Graphics

This is a Dir En Grey graphics community in which holds or will hold icons, wallpapers, colorbars, friends only banners and maybe in the near future I may start to create layouts. But for now since I have just started with this community and I have to see how many people join it if anyone does at all. If there is no one that joins then there is no motivation now is there?


1)If you are going to take someone's graphics you must comment and credit. No stealing. That's a big no no.

2)If the site you are taking the images from requests you to link them back then please do. You may never know if someone in the community may want to know where you got the images.

3)Be friendly! Don't start any arguements or anything like "Oh my graphics are better than your's" crap. That's just immature and annoying. But if you think you can help them with improving their graphics in anyway then do so but polietly.

4)Have fun and worship me? I'm kidding. xD

About Dir En Grey

Dir en grey are a Japanese rock group -- IMHO the coolest in the vein of what's known by many as Visual Rock. By far and above, they are definately one of the most unique visual rock groups, each of them having a certain flair that, when put together with the rest of the group, forms something stunning. From music to lyrics, from photo shoots to video clips, from interviews to live performances, they do everything with all the intensity and passion they can. And that passion is what drives them and makes them so loved.

(From: www.crysania.com/tattered AKA Tattered Cloth)


I feel like everyone should know a little bit about each other. And it's much more easier to introduce yourself with this little survey than to do it on your own! So please if you're new than fill this out so people can know you a little bit better!

Why do you like Dir En Grey?:
What is your favorite graphic to make?:
Any pictures of you or your graphics?:

Your mod,